Taiza-gani crabs

Available from November 7 to late March next year

Snow crabs, or Zuwai-gani, are the most common variety caught in Japan. They go by different names depending on location. Zuwai-gani from the San-in region (the northern parts of Kyoto and Hyogo Prefectures and Tottori Prefecture) are known as Matsuba-gani, and those from the port of Taiza are called Taiza-gani. Only five fishing boats are allowed to catch Taiza-gani, and so the numbers available are naturally very limited. Each crab is checked manually at the port for quality and is then marked with a green tag.

Taiza-gani crabs


Cook the crabmeat lightly over a charcoal fire.
Eat it with salt produced from local seawater
or dip it in cooked kani miso, as you prefer.
You may not be able to suppress a sigh
of contented delight.



Referred to as "silk," the fibrous elastic meat of Taiza-gani is a unique delicacy.
Try it first straight.
Then try it with our special, shoyu soy sauce, which includes a medley of selected additional ingredients.
You will be amazed at the sweetness.



The crab is boiled and left to stand briefly
as the salt settles into the meat.
A mouthful is the best way to enjoy
the rich flavor to its maximum.



Pass the crabmeat gently through the refined, specially made broth.
After it has opened like a flower, eat it while still hot.
Discover the exquisite harmony of broth and crabmeat.


Sake in Taiza-gani shell

Aficionados of crab and sake will marvel at the gourmet blend
of flavors that come together when drinking local Tango sake
from the shell of their grilled Taiza-gani crab.

Sake in Taiza-gani shell

Zosui(rice porridge)

Zosui is the best way to finish a pot cooked at the table.
Add rice to the remaining broth and it will absorb the rich flavors of all of the ingredients.