We invite you to enjoy a slow, relaxing time in a small ryokan - only 16 rooms - on the coast of Japan.

Sumihei Ryokan was founded in 1868 in the quiet fishing village of Taiza in the Tango region of the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture. Steeped in natural beauty, this location has long been renowned for its gourmet crabs, known as Taiza-gani. Sumihei Ryokan has continuously welcomed numerous guests for almost a century and a half.
Our facilities have been steadily renewed in recent years for the continued comfort and enjoyment of our guests.We welcome our guests with "omotenashi" hospitality and memorable meals prepared with the best ingredients from land and sea.
Mikio Nakae
President, Sumihei Ryokan.





Sunsets over the Sea of Japan can be seen from all rooms.

  • Ten Japanese-style rooms and one Western twin room in the main building
  • The "Kairin" detached room with a Jacuzzi (built in 2008)
  • The "Kazenone" and "Naminone" rooms in the "Kinean" annex, each with an outdoor hot spring bath (opened in 2010)
  • The "Tamayura" and "Mizunoaya" rooms of "Kanami-no-ma" in the main building (both newly built in 2014), with outdoor hot spring baths


Savor our exquisite cuisine.

With Taiza-gani crabs in winter, abalone, lobster, sea bream, sea urchins and more, every Sumihei meal is a delight, made with the most select ingredients.
The simple dishes of a fishing village, which evoke and yet surpass the warm ambience of Japanese "home cooking," are always popular.


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Large, indoor, open-air public baths renovated in 2010

Relax in an open-air hot spring with a panoramic view to the sounds of the waves and sea breeze, or in an indoor hot-spring bath with quiet jazz as background music.

Hot Spring Baths


Sumihei is located less than an hour from Amanohashidate one of Japan's three most famous scenic views and the town of Ine, another popular sightseeing spot, known for its traditional boathouses.