Seasonal delicacies

Blessed with a continual supply of fresh marine products, including Taiza-gani, abalone, prawns, sea bream and sea urchins, Sumihei will always serve you the very best seasonal delicacies.

Aka uni(red sea urchin)

When it comes to sea urchin, nothing is better than aka uni.

"It is the tastiest, sweetest and most refined," say the fishermen who relish eating them as much as catching them.

Aka uni
Aka uni

Best season:July to mid-August

Iwa-gaki(rock oysters)

This variety of oysters is exceptionally large.

The rough, hard shell is as big as an adult's fist.
The meat is surprisingly sweet and rich, its juice often described as the "milk of the sea."
Whether raw, steamed or deep-fried, it is always tasty.


Best season:June to August


Here is a texture that is both spongy and crunchy.

As sashimi, it has a crisp texture.
When steeped in sake and steamed, it is springy, soft and tender.
We offer premium kuro awabi (black abalone).


Best season:June to August

Nodoguro(rosy sea bass)

This hearty, savory fish is particularly rich in flavor.

It is usually simmered in soy sauce and sugar, or broiled with salt.
Characterized by its medium-bodied texture,it is a premium variety of fish.


Best season:September to December

Oniokoze(devil stinger)

A great taste despite a fearsome appearance

The texture and flavor of this fish are similar to those of fugu (blowfish), and believe that oniokoze is the tastier of the two.
Chew the transparent meat well to experience it fully.


Best season:September to November